Flower Lantern Festival 2015

Flower Lantern Festival – Hoi An 2015 will be held for the first time in the night of August 27th, 2015 (the 14th of the seventh lunar month – Vu Lan festival of Buddhism) in Hoai River & An Hoi Statue Garden by People’s Committee of Hoi An City. This flower lantern festival aims to create new tourism products and includes many activities such as animal release & lantern floating ceremony, a night of gratitude: “a rose pinned on shirt”, art performance… (source from the Center of Culture & Sports of Hoi An City). Let’s catch the shuttle bus of Palm Garden Resort Hoi An to reach there.



Winner Badge

It’s the first time Palm Garden Beach Resort & Spa Hoi An has won the award for LUXURY RESORT OF THE YEAR 2015 recognized by The Luxury Travel Guide Awards (UK). This is an international awards programme in recognition of all accommodation options from large hotel & resorts to small luxury hotels.