Tet is the Lunar New Year festival in some Asian countries and especially in Vietnam (It coincides with the Chinese New Year). Born and grown up in a big city, Tet for me is a normal occasion to be at home to relax or visit relatives or go somewhere in the evening for music, modern street activities…For other people, they return to their hometown or choose another city for holidays. If you have a plan to visit a place during Tet, I believe that Hoi An is an absolutely stunning town for you to enjoy the Vietnamese traditional Tet. Followed my friends to visit this city and I had memorable holidays


The highlights of New Year’s Eve will be a lion dance, lantern parade and flowered car parade to invite tourists to join the holiday. At the sacred moment of transferring from the old year to the new year, there will be a fireworks display at the provincial culture and sports center in Tam Ky City, Hoai River Square, Cua Dai Beach and Cham Island in Hoi An City while temples, churches and pagodas will ring their bells and beat their drums at the same time to welcome the new year.


At Hoai River Square, the second Hoi An lantern contest will take place promising locals and tourists works of artistic lanterns or artistic installations of lanterns. The event also aims to honor the traditional craft of lantern making of Hoi An. Lanterns are strung up everywhere and people stroll outside among the ancient houses and storefronts. For Tet, boats on the river launch hundreds of colored paper boats with candles. The bridges are decorated with dragons and lanterns, and there are free outdoor musical performances by visiting musicians and local schoolchildren.


During the holiday, there will be many cultural, sports and entertainment programs such as a Chinese chess competition, Hoi An martial arts contest, music contests for young voices, young music bands, young dance bands and fashion shows. There will also be traditional folk game tournaments such as tug of war and day gay (pushing stick), modern games, calligraphy, photos and fine art works.


If you do not want go to the center of ancient town for Tet, you can stay in Palm Garden Beach Resort Hoi An and enjoy so much Tet activities because Palm Garden Resort is also known as a small Hoi An town. Last years, there were many traditional activities there such as: lion dance, eating “Banh Chung, Banh Tet” (Traditional food during Tet), tray of five kinds of fruits, lucky money…. What will be for this Tet?