The Wessia – Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant

“Cooking is an art and Chef is an artist”
Let’s see our “artists” perform their best Teppanyaki cooking skill in front of diners at The Wessia – Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant. Click here to view the clip.

More information about The Wessia  Restaurant:

Japan is always one of the top countries whose finest cuisine attracts foodies. One of the unique style of cooking is “Teppanyaki”, the culinary art of the finest European and Asian fusion cuisine cooked in front of diners by talented and experienced chefs. It first comes to Hội An city at The Wessia Restaurant, one of three restaurants located in Palm Garden Resort, overlooks the green garden.
“Teppan” means “iron” and “Yaki” means “grill”. By grilling on a thick large iron plate high heated beneath, a beefsteak can be done only in 1 – 2 minutes in the style of Teppanyaki. The Wessia restaurant with its capacity of 46 seats offers a variety of fresh seafood such as Alaska lobsters, crayfishes, scallops, salmons, etc and especially the Kobe beef. Thanks to the heat, the food remains the basic taste and its nutritional value.
Diners not only admire the the performance of talented chefs, smell the food but also immediately feel the seductive flavor which stimulates the stomach. Besides the Teppanyaki menu, the restaurant also offers other Japanese cuisine styles such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, Udon noodles, etc. Do not miss the typical Sake while enjoying the fried foie gras combined with sweet apple jam, crunchy vegetables with sauces.
In addition, Japanese-style lanterns combined with stylized conical ones and beautiful little garden corners along with watercolor paintings reminding of “the country of cherry blossoms” making The Wessia cozy and ideal place for a gathering with beloved family and friends.
“This is a high-end culinary art and a modern trend for a health living. Teppanyaki is quite familiar with Vietnamese people in the big cities but very first comes to Hội An city. I am so proud that Palm Garden Resort is the first for this unique style of cooking. This promotes the development of Vietnam tourism in general and Hội An – Quảng Nam’s in particular. Visitors coming to Palm Garden Resort not only for a relaxation but also to experience the essence of Asian-European cuisine from a traditional Vietnamese to Japanese, Italian and international’s ones.” Mr. Nguyen Thanh Sang, General Manager of Palm Garden Resort said.
The Wessia opens from 10:00 to 22:00 daily.


“Nấu ăn là một nghệ thuật và người đầu bếp là một nghệ sỹ”.
Hãy chiêm ngưỡng “các nghệ sỹ” của nhà hàng Nhật bản The Wessia “biểu diễn nghệ thuật” Teppanyaki chinh phục các “giám khảo khó tính nhất” nhé. Click vào đây để xem clip.


Tel: +84 235 3 927 927

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