This is a festival of culture, sports & tourism which has been held since 2003. Quang Nam People’s Committee in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNESCO Vietnam celebrate Quang Nam the 6th Heritage Festival 2017 from June 7-14 in Tam Ky City, Hoi An City and some towns belongs to Quang Nam province:
– Quang Nam the 6th Heritage Festival 2017 opens at 20:00 on June 9 at Hoai River Square, Hoi An. This festival introduces colors of Vietnam intangible cultural heritages.

International Choir Competition (7-10/6/2017) in Hoi An with the attendance of 24 international choir teams among 32 with 1500 artists.

International Kite Festival (8-11/6/2017) in Cam Nam Ward, Hoi An City and at Tam Thanh beach, Tam Kỳ city with 300 traditional & modern kites from 12 countries.

The World and Vietnam Silk Festival (12-13/6/2017) in Hoi An with the attendance of International Silk Associations.

The Race of Vietnam Sailboats and World Windsurfing Championship (11-14/6/2017) at An Bang beach, Hoi An with 20 athletes from 30 countries.

International Food Festival (12-14/6/2017) in Hoi An city with chefs from 10 countries.

The Exhibition of “Viet Nam Island and Coastal Heritage” (09-14/6/2017) from coastal provinces / cities all over Vietnam.

Bai Choi Folk Singing Festival among the Central provinces in Vietnam and the Intangible Cultural Heritage honored by UNESCO themed “Colors of Vietnam intangible cultural heritage” from 19 provinces / cities at Tam Thanh beach, Tam Ky city.

– June 10, at Phu Ninh Lake, The first National Kayak Tournament will be held for 60 kayaks and 100 athletes from nationwide kayak clubs.

– At My Son Sanctuary(09-14/6/2017), there will be The Exhibition of Champa Temple-towers of the provinces in Central Vietnam and The Art Show named “Legends of Apsara”.

– On the occasion of 415 years of Thanh Chiem Government Palace which was used to be the main city of Quang Nam Province, from June 12-16 in Dien Ban Commune, there will be The 415th Anniversary of Thanh Chiem Government Palace and The Golf Tournament of “Quang Nam Heritage Festival” on June 6.

The Performance of the Rite to set up Nêu Poles of Vietnam performed by 18 ethnic minorities from 15 provinces / cities(11-13/6/2017) in Tay Giang Commune.

Ngoc Linh Ginseng Festival (10-13/6/2017) in South Tra My Commune with many activities to introduce the value of Ngoc Linh Ginseng.

The International Conference on world heritage cities and sustainable development on June 13 in Hoi An city.

– Apart from those, The Highland and Central Vietnam Tourism Forum, Exchanging with the abroad provinces and cities as Quang Nam province’s diplomatic partners, The 2017 Fair of “Quang Nam Heritage Festival” and Opening the tours and destinations will take place as well.

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